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The art of getting noticed

A bold online presence is much like a firm handshake; while it does not guarantee a trusted client experience, it does hold up the promise of one.

Is your business detail oriented? Then your online branding should be also. Is your product consistent to a high standard? Then it is important that your website reflect in much the same way. Is your customer experience connective and personal? Then your web copy, images and media must express that personality.

Your web presence is literally your virtual storefront.

Here are some “fun” facts. The average person who walks into your virtual store will only hang out for about ten seconds. Ninety percent of those who hang out longer will stay in the showroom (homepage). Most surfing time is not spent on what to buy, but rather learning what to buy.

The art of getting noticed is all about capturing their attention quickly then keep them with your impressive product line. Video, blogs, color, static media, organization of your space all must come synergistically together to make that cash register ring.


I build WordPress sites exclusively. This means that with a little bit of training, you can update on your own, reducing maintenance costs substantially.



From logo design, You Tube, google search and reviews, email marketing and more, branding is second only to your product.



Video is crucial for teaching sharing and selling. I edit for video / audio and with images, optimized to load fast and smoothly.




Forms allow your clients to communicate back to you. Whether it is an application or a questionaire, we can get this critcal component functioning.


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Our Mission

A passion to support the passionate

If you haven’t noticed, this website has a particular theme to it. Can you guess what it is?

While it is true that pets and babies can get eyeballs on a web page,  that isn’t the only reason for the theme. I enjoy using what I know in web, A/V editing and social media promotion to support those who share in my other passion; humanitarian causes, animal care and other non-profits.

“Our dog rescue has been well established and successful. What wasn’t? our website! Michael designed a straightforward clear site and logo to get us where we wanted to be.”


A Cause 4 Paws

Happy Clients

Oh please. Your compliments make me blush . . . anyone else?

“I bought my domain and spent countless hours working on my site, then giving up. 4 Paws completely set me up in a week with a website that I can be proud of.”


Fido Unlimited

“We request website updates and they are done, often, within minutes. The service couldn’t be better. So many of our adopters find us on our website and our furry friends find homes because of this work. “



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